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  1. thebufuman

    Crosshair install failed

    i tried again, this time i had no issues. Works now. Thx Aslain. and btw great support and tool!
  2. Hi @ all, no matter which crosshair i choose i cant use it in game. Its always the stock Type 1-9, i tried to select dynamic and installed again, again and again. No chance to change it. i also tried to install a crosshair manually to re folder. Same issue again> always stock. PLS i need my custom crosshair's i would be very thankful for a how to... do i have to change the stock crosshair before install?... etc..... with regards BUFU
  3. thebufuman

    CROSSHAIR SF-3 by Vito74m

    Hi dudes, is there any tutorial for creating crosshairs? Vito nice work. I allmost use every mod of u.

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