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  1. So why add this port into the modpack, you need actual paid subscription! This port isn't free-to-all, don't think it should be in here unless someone makes it free to use.
  2. nvm, something was missing from the folder.
  3. Why add Twitch port in the modpack?

    Don't see the needs to add it in a modpack, since 1% of the community uses Twitch Prime. And many of them don't use mods. Many of those Premium ports have been added to it's free-for-all, this Twitch port isn't. And if people want it, they can get it on the forum etc. As far as I can remember, there isn't any other mod in the modpack that requires Premium status or any other requirements to use a specific mod.
  4. I have unpacked Steven Seagal voice and some stuff like portraits etc. I want to keep him as much as possible, because of Under Siege movie on my Missouri. Any chance you might include him in the modpack, just rename the files to John_Doe or something and have the John Doe to Steven Seagal voice? If you aren't is there any modding I have to do, or do I need to just unpack the Seagal files in the res/res_mods folder?
  5. Planning on adding Steven Seagal mod into the Modpack?

    I know, but there are many shots from Missouri as well. But eitherway, Missouri is way better than Alabama. And also has radar so But I bought Missouri right away because of Under Siege movie, not based upon the ships performance. That's why I want to keep it.
  6. HP Panel BADoBEST v1

    This mod needs an update, the Contour icons are behaving strangely. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  7. HP Panel BADoBEST v1

    Didnt have an issue with Badobest v1 panels before. Only thing was that the icons were mirrored, but not glitching with placements. using Options on the gear doesn't help. Fixes the issue for 3 sec...
  8. So.. wanted to see my damage record in a replay.. but when the match starts my HUD is completely hidden. Pressing ESC doesn't bring up the Menu.... Why is this happening, what MOD is causing this in replay? Removing the MOD folder fixes the issue. HUD completely disappears when the timer hits 6 sec Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  9. Well that shouldn't be the case tho. Waiting for the map to start is like a stupid bug that shouldn't be there anyway. Wasn't a issue in the previous updates, so there must be some MOD causing it. But I'll try some stuff to see, thanks for your input!
  10. Alt-Markers (player stats) by BADoBEST+W03l0BED

    Okey, I just edit it in so it works for now. Maybe it gets updated later for maybe other regions.
  11. It shows player stats on CIS region players in-game. But I want this mod because of the FONT and better enemy nameplate.
  12. This mod needs to get a proper update. It being displayed over the default, and still not draggable. I miss this mod being draggable.. Don't know if it will be again Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  13. Base XP counter

    if you think that's toxic... then you havent seen anything..
  14. Would like to see this in action, also make it in English.
  15. I know of this MOD in Tanks, where consumables have the option of using Gold/Credits. Any chance this can be made for Warships? What this MOD should do: Change currency of Premium consumables to use Credits instead of Doubloons. (Either by One-Click button or Automatic). Enable Auto-Resupply consumables by default with Credits as Currency. Auto De-mount Special upgrades for Doubloons (Radar, Hydro, Spotting, Smoke, Boost, Damage Control, Defensive AA).
  16. So I really dont like the version thats being used now When will the russian version be updated and used?
  17. hmmm.. thats dumb, guess i have to live with it..
  18. @Aslain Where can I get the Russian version that you had before the integrated Consumable panel update?
  19. dont like showing greyed out ships.. that's why the previous version was good. Because it actually filtered out the ships you didnt want displayed in port. Port looks nicer and removes the ships that is filtered out NOW: BEFORE:
  20. Camera isn't extracted to version folder, for me it has been quite a long time since it has. Also the Carousel mod is showing unfiltered ships in port, only happened in this patch. Was displaying correctly previous patch, needs an update. And the HakaBase Contour Icons needs an update, isn't showing Musashi. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  21. Damage Meter by Monstrofil and BADoBEST

    lol... would have been a valid point, but don't think that :-D But must be something with Windows 10 or Warships files.
  22. So installed the newest Modpack... Are you guys getting the Damage Meter to work? Because I can't....... there must be something with admin rights or that the modpack isn't configuring the mods correctly if the mod work. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  23. Damage Meter by Monstrofil and BADoBEST

    Tried using that file, and still no meter... Can you ask BADoBEST/Monstrofil about this? If they know what is being altered or what the issue might be?
  24. Damage Meter by Monstrofil and BADoBEST

    Checked drive permission, folder permissions and preferences/damage file permissions. All checks out and doesnt solve the problem. Also remove the write protection on the SSD, did not help. I have no idea why this isn't working... Do you have a MEGA site to copy your game and settings (remove personal account details from certain files)? Would like to test a working install from a different user.. See if there is something about the install or something else at play here.
  25. Damage Meter by Monstrofil and BADoBEST

    Resolution change didn't display the Damage Meter, tried damaging ships in case it's displayed when doing damage.. Nothing. So don't think res_mods folder is the issue, it's some config file that isn't being altered or blocked from being accessed. Warships_MODs_0.6_15.1.1.zip