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  1. Could you please share what mods you have enabled?
  2. Thanks for the info! Will try tomorrow.
  3. Aslain to Hospital

    I just wanna say get better soon and I hope you will recover completely! Thanks again for your great work here.
  4. Smoke counter doesn't show

    OK. Thanks, hope it gets fixed soon.
  5. Smoke counter doesn't show

    I'm talking about my keyboard layout.
  6. Smoke counter doesn't show

    So far on all ships I played I think. V-25, Podvoisky, Kiev, Minsk, Udaloi, Tashkent. Tried with new update, same. I use qwertz.
  7. Smoke counter doesn't show

    Yes, I smoked up. Should've been more precise.
  8. Hello, Aslain! Smoke counter, the one with navigator, doesn't show on screen. Thank You! _Aslain_logs.zip
  9. Oh, I see now. Thank You both!
  10. When I disable the carousel mod in the installer it's fine. I think it bugs the profile/summary page also.
  11. Hi, Aslain! Thanks in advance. Edit: It's the carousel mod problem. _Aslain_logs.zip
  12. More visible torpedoes glitch

    Thanks! I'm curious if someone else has this?
  13. More visible torpedoes glitch

    That's OK. But it has artifacts, graphic error. Look the screenshot.