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  1. mikeldj77

    after battle screeen bugged still

    i try it and i tell you . ty ! edit : ok it's working now ! ty !
  2. mikeldj77

    after battle screeen bugged still

    i had the same problem but i didn't use aslain contour icons mod. I used autospy side panel. once replace it works fine. also it solved the problem that i had no side panel in game ....
  3. mikeldj77

    Score timer by Ancient

    great news ! ty ! but still geet some issues with new version
  4. mikeldj77

    Score timer by Ancient

    ok ... so i remove score counter and keep the others... way more usefull ... ty anyway
  5. mikeldj77

    Score timer by Ancient

    hi, for me this mod just never works ... in usual i have no info , or incoherent ones... if you have some idea, i'll take it . ty ! Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  6. mikeldj77

    Detailed Damage Meter causes crash

    hi, do you have test it with the lastest modpack ? ty !
  7. mikeldj77

    game crashes

    i will try with last update. i test and tell you asap. edit : still crashing with last upadte. put Aslains_WoWs_Modpack_Installer_v. back and all good.
  8. mikeldj77

    game crashes

    yes, every battle since last update. Happened with dd (kami, shinonome), BB (new mexico) and cruisers (nurberg)... don't worry, i put first pack back and all is working good... no major changes in last update so it's not a big dead. let's see next one
  9. mikeldj77

    game crashes

    i confirm, all good with Aslains_WoWs_Modpack_Installer_v. i crash during battle ... at any time. i haven't notice something in common. i just can tell you it's not in the port or loading. it's during battle. hope it help a bit. TY !
  10. mikeldj77

    game crashes

    Hi, i got several game crashes since last update. Yesterday all was all right . I put the previous modpack to test but it should be good like yesterday. bye Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  11. mikeldj77

    blueman's detection mod is bugged

    in case you do not want to wait next modpack http://www.blueman.name/World_of_Warships_Modifications.php
  12. same thing here. Autospy showing in lobby, not in game.
  13. mikeldj77

    no chat and detailled damage

    ok...i will just try not to answer to dum***es
  14. Hi, 2 issues: no chat is not working : still seing the chat window in game. Detailled damage create infinite loading screen before game lunch. - in log you won't see the detailled damage coz i have to removed it fast to start playing. ty ! Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  15. mikeldj77

    Unable to login to the game

    it works for me with last update ! ty !

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