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  1. same thing here. Autospy showing in lobby, not in game.
  2. no chat and detailled damage

    ok...i will just try not to answer to dum***es
  3. Hi, 2 issues: no chat is not working : still seing the chat window in game. Detailled damage create infinite loading screen before game lunch. - in log you won't see the detailled damage coz i have to removed it fast to start playing. ty ! Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  4. Unable to login to the game

    it works for me with last update ! ty !
  5. Unable to login to the game

    i have the same thing, downloading 01 and try with it . if do not work, i will put my log here.
  6. autospy panel not working

    ok ty ! all is good now 'till few hours and new update
  7. autospy panel not working

    up... i have post screenshoot in previous message.
  8. autospy panel not working

    ok i'll try (and i will try to find it in french here's the screen of options i have. It's another panel that do not properly neither... Boat's HP are not displayed...
  9. hi, all is in the title autospy panel is not working on It just show nothing, i do not have the config icon above group of ship's icons. see ya _Aslain_logs.zip
  10. Smoke Counter!

    great but only work with qwerty keyboard ... i have an azerty ...
  11. Autospy Icons not working

    done with clearing cache option, just not working for me ... i'll werdly still have the gui form old folder, i will try to overwrite and see what will be done . edit : done and not working .worse, i have no player panel at all .... edit 2 : i have delete the folder who still was in res_mod, re install with all cleared and it works now.
  12. Autospy Icons not working

    yep .i agree _Aslain_logs.zip
  13. no sound effects and minimap problem

    OK . i know what not to install. ty
  14. Hi, i have just installed the modpack (.5.15.0_02)and i have to report that i haven't sound effects any more.... no gun and torp sounds espicially. another thing: the minimap figure no island. I tought i was on ocean map but no... there were islands in game but not showed on minimap . All was fine with previous modpack thank you for the job ! Mikeldj _Aslain_logs.zip
  15. i don't really know if it's the same problem but here what i have in stats after evry battle since last install of the modpack. basically, no stats at all .... first screen and last one are good. _Aslain_logs.zip