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  1. joeyll88

    Downloading Mod Packs

    Oh thank you very much! That will save me a bunch of time.
  2. Hello... I was wondering if I had to download the big Aoki Haganae No Arpeggio map pack every time a new Aslains Update comes out? Is there a way I can leave that map pack in my mods folder without having to DL it every time? Thanks for any help.. Gen_LongStreet
  3. joeyll88

    ship icons during battle moving around.

    Nobody is having this issue??
  4. During most of my battles the enemy ship icon above starts to stay at the last known position even though the ship continues to move. This happens with multiple ships at a time and even friendly ships sometimes. Attached are screenshots. _Aslain_logs.zip
  5. Awesome Aslain....Thank you , thank you , thank you...


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