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Consumables default currency from Doubloons to Credits

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I know of this MOD in Tanks, where consumables have the option of using Gold/Credits.
Any chance this can be made for Warships?

What this MOD should do:

  • Change currency of Premium consumables to use Credits instead of Doubloons. (Either by One-Click button or Automatic).

  • Enable Auto-Resupply consumables by default with Credits as Currency.

  • Auto De-mount Special upgrades for Doubloons (Radar, Hydro, Spotting, Smoke, Boost, Damage Control, Defensive AA).

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i totally agree.
i want a mod that makes the default purchase of all consumables in the game to be by using credits only.
maybe a tick box in the settings that lets me choose that automatically for all ships.
the demount for gold default is not something i want though...

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