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Damage meter issue

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Hi, I used the damage meter without issues until November December when it was removed to cope with policies. Then when the new version arrived, I tried to install it several times with different versions but every time it prevents the game from starting. I launch the game but do not get to the login screen if the Damage Meter is ticked on


I have uninstalled/reinstalled the game: no change. If I reinstall the Aslain package, cleaning/reinstalling without the Damage meter, then the game starts normally. All the other modules work fine (Navigator and Ship movement indicator).


Any idea on what can happen? Thanks, and thanks for the nice package anyway

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Could you please attach a set of log files, from when you have the issue, so Aslain can get the proper selection of your mods to test? :)

See my signature if you don't know how to :)

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