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[] Acme Tank Icons

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Yes, another set of icons.

These are tuned to the info I want to see. Perhaps you'll find them useful too. Ready for


Minimum sample:

The tank types are color-coded:
LT: Green
MT: Olive
HT: Red
TD: Blue
SPG: Purple


Tier and national symbol are shown on each icon.
    The Chinese symbol is replaced by a yellow star for better contrast.
    The Polish symbol is from CountryFlags.com


For premium tanks the Tier number is colored gold (yellow)
For special tanks the Tier number is colored red


Tanks with an auto-loader at some level have a black asterisk
Tanks with an auto-loader as the top gun also have a blue asterisk


3D icons are used in the tech tree and in the post-battle screens.
Contour icons are used at the pre-battle screen and the in-battle screen.
    BattleAtlas and vehicleMarkerAtlas are countour with tank names
    BattleAtlasEnemy and vehicleMarkerAtlasEnemy face left (Aslain uses)


Download extended sample (.pdf):
https://www.dropbox.com/s/ov68k09tiwpre00/Acme icon samples.pdf?dl=0

Download icons (.zip), installation instructions included:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/xpbzticu1mwu12m/Acme Icons



gl hf,



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