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FPS Drop

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I have the following mods installed and it seems when a certain event occurs in some battles my fps will drop to the 20's and stay there for some time before returning to normal. When i run safe mode no mods the FPS drop does not occur:


xvm otm aslain
panels aslain
xvm minimap circles, lines, labels, arty sight
xvm hitlog v1
6th sense all seeing eye, metal gear sound
hanager default currency, show price, mastery mark, hangar clock
carosusel 3 lines with advanced info
other xvm server ping, online users, colorize battle chat, eu icons
vehicle contour xvm aslains simple with small
PMOD xoom sniper, disable gun shake
crosshair melty (tried a few)
crew skill informer, auto aim easier lock 1.5 sec
damage log gambiter hide names, damage done and blocked
inbattle wn8 calculator with eskpoint, team wn8, team hp counter wgl
garage icons tank icons tank carousel (aslain premium)
session stats and battle result messages


PC Spec:

Resolution: 4k 3840 x 2160 (Graphics in game set high)

i7 6800k hex core



Geforce GTX 1070 8GB


Anyone any ideas what mod could be causing this ?


Many Thanks


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Attach logs, otherwise it's hard to check.

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Logs looks good, try to reduce mods amount (1 by 1), ekspoint mods were known from lowering fps, XVM is also stealing few of them, and arty aiming position maybe too... experiment.

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