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Hash Mismatch on WoT v. #14 wgmods.net

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Greetings Aslain,

Would it be normal for the hash of a modpack downloaded from the wgmods.net site to differ from the value you provide with your links?  i.e. is WG intentionally changing or re-packing the .EXE for reasons you're OK with?

I tried the download from the WG hub site and its hash did not match your stated hash "72da11c0...".  Then I also tried downloads from your provided links and they DID match your stated hash.


I'm not ready to trust any source other than you just yet.


Thank you again for your hard work, and hope your health is on the mend, kind sir.


err, sorry, I just read the changelog on the wgmods.net site. There is a Jingles sound pack that is excluded from the wgmods.net version. Thus it would be different.

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wgmods.net modpack is slightly different than the one on here.

The difference is that the modpack on here, includes the "adult mods" (showing boobs, girls, swearing, etc..)

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