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CTD on Battle button

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I've been having a problem since 1.0 came out with intermittent CTDs upon pressing the Battle button. Battle is in fact entered, as can be seen when I log back in.


Also, once this happens the first time, it's much more likely to happen again within just a few games unless I reinstall Aslain's again. I realize this is undoubtedly one of the mods I have checked, and not Aslain's itself.


Logs attached.


Anyone else seeing this?



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I looked at your logs, some errors are familiar, just like in similar reports like yours except for that they've problems when exiting the battle, not entering it.


If I were you I would try to reduce mods amount. Start with the Hangman hangar manager, and follow up with PMOD maybe (if the problem persist), improvise if no help.

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