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Battle Loading Screen option for non Latin alphabet users

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After ver7.4.1#2, ship names in minimap get grabled when I use Japanese charactors.

And not shown alt ship icons.



These problems can be avoided by editing gui\unbound\battle_loading.xml line 23.

Please add this xml file as a selectable option to your ModPack.

	<css name="$FontMinimapShipLabels"><!--	 -->
		<!-- <fontFamily value="$Exo2-Bold"/> -->
		<fontFamily value="$WWSDefaultFont"/>
		<mouseEnabled value="false"/>
		<mouseChildren value="false"/>
		<dropShadowFilter value="1 150 0x000000 2.0 0.25 0.25 1.0 1"/>
		<selectable value="false"/>
		<textColor value="0xFFFFFF"/>


Edited by nana

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It has already installed by ModPack. But I notice that there is an old fonts_ASIA.swf in my private directory.
When I clean up this one, some ship names written by Latin alphabet are shown, but other Japanese charactors are not.


Edited by nana

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