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few mods are updated, can you add them back ?

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i was looking on wotspeak, and saw those two mods that claim to be up to date, and still are not in the modpack :


- spotted enemies without XVM : https://wotspeak.ru/mody-world-of-tanks-wot/398-marker-indikator-zasveta-vragov-v-ushah-bez-xvm-dlya-world-of-tanks-wot.html


- crew skills informer (backspace) : https://wotspeak.ru/mody-world-of-tanks-wot/463-indikaciya-umeniy-i-navykov-perkov-ekipazha-v-boyu-dlya-world-of-tanks.html


also, it seems the battle observer mod (to show stats of the players) contains a virus, it converts the "what's new" window in game to an ads website (see that thread on WoT international Facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/wotinternational/permalink/1646196848826568/)


any news from ShuraBB for the auto camo bug ?

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Crew Skill Informer isn't ready yet. It's preventing the game from working.


Battle Observer in the modpack, has no "virus" and won't be showing ads. (The offending 'vxSettingsApi' isn't included, since that's the one causing it.. result: No garage menu for BO, but BO works just fine.)


Your link is to a closed group for Facebook. But it's probably talking about BO while including the 'bad extra mod' called 'vxSettingsApi' :)


As for spotted enemies without XVM - there's an option in PMOD, I'm sure Aslain will include that next update, if it's not already there. :)

Not sure he'll include what's on your link, since one of the authors is known for having added the ads bullcrap to other mods.

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Added note for spotted enemies without XVM

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yeah, i just put the links i found, but i dont know if there are any other source for them


my link is so you can see the screenshot below with the comments, but it's solved now, so no harm


i've mistaken in the mod name with the bug, it's Battle Stats, who was removed from modpack (found it on wotspeak to still have it, but with a malware, seems). i was telling you that so you don't add it back without checking it

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