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Lupin III.

Show camo bonuses as small icons

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I have alot of different camos (just a few of some, more of others), about a total of 30 different ones right now. It is really annoying to have to hover over every camo to see what it actually does in the tooltip. It would be nice if you could see that right in the list. I think showing the numbers right there would be too much, but color coded icons right on the camo symbols would be nice.

There could be a coin for credits, a star with silver outline for XP, a star with golden outline for free XP, a star with white outline (or a captains hat) for captain XP for example. Depending on the bonus the icons would be color red (or bronze) for up to 50% bonus, yellow (or silver) for up to 125% bonus and green (gold) for any bonus above that. This would make finding the right camo for certain missions (e. g. if there's an XP mission up) so much more comfortable.

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