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Matchmaking monitor not working for me...Please help

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Hi All,


 I have been having trouble getting matchmaking monitor to work for me. I have used it in the mod pack since it was first available with no problems.  I recently moved to a new computer and it just won't work. I don't remember if it ever worked since the move to the new pc.  I have the program set to look in the right place and have done this many times before.  I now run windows 10 from windows 8 and the game now runs on my ssd  C: hard drive instead of the D: drive on the previous computer.  I added the exe to the firewall and even tried it with virus protection turned off.  I reinstalled it again with the latest Aslain's mod patch making sure I cleared out all the old mods and cache with a clean install of everything.   replays enabled, not enabled...nothing...  What gives?  I just have a empty matchmaking monitor screen...    Any help or further suggestion would be appreciated..   

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