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Azur Lane Mod Request

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I would like to commission a mod to revert the azur lane and HSF commanders to be reverted back to the way they were before patch 0.7.6 . Apparently there was a lot of complaints that these commander voice overs where talking to much, mainly they would say fire every time the fire button was double clicked. Sense patch 0.7.6 they now only say it every 4 double clicks, I'm looking for someone to make a mod to revert them back at the very least or even make a more comprehensive mod to adjust commander voice over perimeters. I had already made a ticket to wargamming support, they're final response was that players were complaining of the frequency of the commanders and made changes to them with no effort in making the changes adjustable. I am willing to pay a little money to have this mod made to compensate anyones time to build it.


Here is the link to my warships post. 


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