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Aim Circle vs Crosshairs. What's the difference?

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So after not being able to find an old setting/mod I had in the past, I started looking a bit closer at this and I'm confused.  What is the difference between the aim circle and the crosshair?  Aren't they the same thing? 


[This came about since I have trouble seeing the small pen indicator, and I remember having one setup (thought it was either Jimbos or Taipan) that had a larger green/yellow/red circle outside the aim-dot.  Made searching for weak spots easier.  Just can't remember]

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Aim circle is just that a circle that is reducing its size in time (if you don't move your mouse) while crosshair is everything you see in the crosshair, like lines, graphics etc. Crosshair mod already contains aim circle.


Different name for aim circle is reduction circle.

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