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Repair Panel Mod

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I would love to see a repair panel mod that put the damaged modules and crew up by your gun sight like a HUD on an aircraft. Exactly like this picture except they only appear when a module or crew member is damaged and you don't have to push the LCTRL key to see it.  Is there anything out there like this that I've overlooked? I don't know how many times in a battle that I've had a critical module or crew member damaged and I don't notice till it's too late!


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1 hour ago, ryuuto said:

Well I guess I'm the only one who wants a mod like this!

Aside from LCTRL repair mods that come with damage panels there is no such mod atm.

Your best bet is xvm with ctrl repair addon.
With little bit of digging on forum and messing with configs you might archive what you are looking for.

All you need is some input macros to tell you conditions.
And repair addon can read module state (normal,damaged,destroyed) also has update on condition (example PY(ON_ENGINE_STATE)).

With base xvm all you can read is module repair timers.

However you can modify damageLog and last hit (depending where you have it on screen)
to display when there is crit hit and what module/crew is damaged.(text or icon)

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