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WoT client crashing ever since version 1.0.2

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Hi Aslain, 


Thank you for your long standing service. I have been using your mod pack for quite some time already, so I am not a novice.

Ever since version 1.0.2, so around 2 months, I have been having this problem of client crashing if it is minimized at the EXACT time when it enters a battle. 
So, not when it is waiting fro the MM, but  at the exact momen when it loads the team table. This also happens when the battle ends at it supposed to return to the garage, I repeat: this only happens when the client is MINIMIZED, when it is full-screen, this does not happen.

Needless to say, this does not happen in safe mode either. I suspect some XVM code is to blame for this, because this had happened before (I've been playing for 5 years), but the issue was fixed sooner. This time, this has been going on for months now. 

I am sending the WoT log file and I will also send the screenshot of the WoT error report. I wonder if you could investigate this issue. THanks in advance.



Screenshot (24).png



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