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Hide Ribbons or List-ify Ribbons

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A) Hide Ribbons:  ribbons always end up covering part of my "at the top: class panel v1"


B) Make List of Ribbons:

1) a simple whitetext list like the Detailed Damage Meter


2)thin colored bars that stack vertically on the right side of screen (where the default sidepanel might be; I hide sidepanels so that space is empty; perhaps make it a on-off list via button).  Numbers would show inside colored bar representing ribbon, "maybe number:ribbon-type" in thin colored bar so it could be read without requiring hover-mouse.  I suppose this could be done in conjunction with a longer hangtime on the penetration info icons that pop up as they appear in the same region of screen.  Maybe list-ify that info, too.


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No takers?   Any insight or critique of this idea?   I would think this would intuitively be a great addition with this amount of control of the visualization of these items.  Make them scale-changeable for varying UI/screen sizes and you have a winner, I think.

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