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Detected Timer: Time to Concealment + Effect

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Detected Timer :  A "time until concealment" timer.  Make timer/numbers movable; perhaps make it like the Score Timer boxes. Make it yellow and flash with black background for that "subconscious" recognition of it when active.  Nothing too obnoxious or high-contrast (light flicker?) but slightly more visible than the thin letters of the present Detected Timer.  Perhaps make an in-game option for choosing flicker-speed and colors for numbers and background.


"Effect": Put red-fuzzy outline around screen, recedes/thins as you get closer to concealment; a subtle screen-framing effect that lets you know you're spotted without looking at the "Detected!" popup (or at the Detected Timer box recommended above).  Make an in-game option for how pronounced, thick, transparent, etc. the effect is since it'll be active when ships are most likely shooting at you and should serve more as an indicator than a distraction.

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