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Calculator for Ship/Line Grinding

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Mod: A calculator that calculates out how many credits and xp are needed to reach a chosen ship (goal ship and prior ships in line to reach it).  Allow view of a list of a ship-line or of a checkboxed specific ship.  Then for each, within each line, calculate how many games this would take you to reach based on your specific average XP and credit accumulation per battle for that ship-line or your overall rate.  Then calculate out how many days/sessions of play at x-number of games per session that would take; maybe even an arrival-date calculated for when you'll get there if you play all/half/"x" of each session within that line of development towards a ship. 


It would be a great way to recognize how much gameplay you're going to get out of WoWs and how much time you'll have to invest to get to a particular ship.  Make it a full panel view so you can easily visualize the lines, remove lines you don't want in view, etc.    Something like a vertical column of:  t7/t8/t9/t10:Zao,  t8/t9:Tashkent, t5/t6/t7/t8/t9:Lion, etc.  Also allow for skipping payment of credits on a ship you want to skip so only XP is figured into the total expenditure.


Add in recognition of accumulated free xp you can convert and state how many Doubloons you'd need to convert them perhaps with a price shown for the best deal on doubloons and even required credits for purchasing ships.  I'm thinking of how I'll have enough free xp to play with and realize I don't necessarily want to blow it all to get, for example, three t10's for lines I'm already on t9 in that line when I could bring two t6 lines up to t9 so I have more ships closer to t10 without having to grind the lower tiers of lines I'm not so hot about (British BB's...).


Would be a real time saver, hate calculating it all.

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