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Streamline Ship Info: Calculate Capt.Skills+Upgrades/Show Effect

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The interface in the Port and inside each ship's info could be cleaned up a lot.  Between the modules, the upgrades, the captain skills, and the must-click-to-open-dropdown-menu-for-each-category...., there has to be a cleaner interfacing and interactivity between how all these things appear. 


This seems like it would be a pretty involving task to streamline all this data and how one thing affects another.  Perhaps there could even be a layer of it that allows you to checkbox the ship stats that would be affected by potential changes you are considering making or that you don't have the skills/credits/etc for yet so you can plan ahead. 


Basically, integrate some of the functionality of this site in-game:  https://www.wowsft.com/shipStatComparison


Other details like best distance for your chosen ship's AP versus a specific target ship's armor, or a chart.  I guess that might take some of the mystique and out-game number-crunching fun for some people but it does allude to a lot of info on their own site.   So, basically condensing the implications of the data charts here:  https://www.wowsft.com/arty


Could be huge!  Welcome any critiques.

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If I were to state it more clearly, the idea is to put the changeable elements like Modules, Upgrades, Consumables, Flags, Camos, Captain Skills, Ship-Armor/Stat-dropdowns all on a single page interface (we've all had to flag-up and add consumables etc before a clan battle and getting it on a single page might speed that up).  Then just highlight a change or new potential configuration if you want to make multiple changes including data not shown in game for things like flags/camos, upgrades, and their affect on stats/range/fire%chance, etc ( https://www.wowsft.com/shipStatComparison ).  Could really speed up the port interactions.

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