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"No Duh" PSA #1: Artillery

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Please, when you see this:



DON'T SHOOT! Even though the aiming recticle is entirely upon the enemy vehicle, in reality, your shell has the following travel path in terms of height:




Thus, you could very well end up hitting the ally directly in front of the enemy vehicle. Take it safe; and wait for the ally to move out of the way. Otherwise, your shot to save your ally could very well end up killing him/her!


I have seen this happen in battle before, and have seen confused players post it on the Forums. So please, don't make the same mistake!


Note: If the ally is about to die anyways; and has no means of escape, then maybe it is a risk worth taking. If it is the last hope for your ally, then take the shot. But if he can escape, or is not in any danger in the first place, DON'T TAKE THAT SHOT!

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Sorry but you are only thinking of it from the perspective of you might get hit. Well sure this is a game where that can happen. From an arty prespective all enemies on the field are prespective targets. Sometimes we do need to change selected targets. If you have an amx 12t (or any light) you really need to nut hug the enemy tanks anyway. From my perspective you should stay back and use your cannon. Not just because of arty but being up next to them also shields them from the other tanks on your side. When I see one of mine close I do mark the target, more often then not some fool will rush in and hug them. Sorry if I hit you but stay away from targets. It would be safer if wg did not nerf arty accuracy but they did.


So you tut really should be stay safe do not get right next to them. BTW it makes very little sense to ram a maus, with a light it is laughable.

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