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OTM squad number illegible

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One of the recent releases changed the the squad icon/number colors to dark green/black resulting in an squad number that is difficult to read.  I have been changing the squad number to white (with a smaller font) in markersalivenormal.xc each time I updated your modpack, but I thought others may be having this problem as well.  It's a minor correction and my hope is that you can apply this change for us in future releases.  Thanks for a great installer and modpack!   


P.S.  My fonts are up to date, in case anyone is wondering ;)

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You forgot attach logs, you always have to attach logs, otherwise I will have to send extra post and ask you for it, and things will be slowed down... :)


I might stop answering to any post if logs are not attached hence report is invalid, because I am losing the time reading the things only to discover no logs and must stop....


There was such issue some time ago and I fixed it. It was exactly how you described it. The cause was XVM, they changed something internaly and suddenly the background stopped to work, maybe they did it again, and I have to fix it.... 

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Well after testing both squad icon options, must say they are working fine, and since you didnt provide logs, this is all I can say. GL :)



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