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Bad news?

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WG EU... is this really true?




♦ Summary (For those that are lazy) 


With the update 0.4.1 the client architecture of WoWs will completely change to be more similiar to what WoT used to be. This with the slight difference that ALL the assets of the game will be packed inside .pkg archives that are not recognized by any extractor available, 'cause the stuff is freaking encrypted (Kinda the same as with the scripts after the "AIM Assist" incident). Basically, this means that without proprietary tools from WG EVERY SINGLE MOD (Even the NON harmful) will be virtually impossible to make.


Now... as a modder that spent tons of time in working on this game (Like many others)... I'd like a real answer from either the "WG Staff" (EctarEv1nTuccy, Capitao_Desastre, Etc...) or somebody that directly rapresents the devs over this region.

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Once again the world has to put their faith in the russians.


A few years back WoT had no res_mods folder, I even 

remember the Dokan library.

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