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Eagle Eye Skill ?

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What EXACTLY does this do?  It reads "Enables the commander to identify critically damaged modules on targeted vehicles within the view range."


So then what happens?  Critical damage is my worst enemy.  I'm so sick of hearing that...to me it means "you poor fool.......you are not going to get any damage points for wasting that round on this tank"


What good does it do to "see" it?

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I suppose that it's meant for trying to play very tactical in 1 vs 1 combat and it all depends on what conclusions you draw with the information given to you.

Generally, this perk can be considered rather useless, until you get a more useful skills done, that help you play better more often.


What it does: It shows you damaged/knocked out modules on the tank that you've spotted and pointing you crosshair at.


How it can be used: Seeing damaged tracks tell you that you can take off the enemy's track in your next shot, even with a lower caliber gun (which normally would require you to shoot them twice, in order to take them off).


A damaged/knocked out gun tells you that the target's accuracy has decreased or that the enemy is unable to shoot right now and you can peek-a-boo/advance more safely and even aim for slightly longer, with a lower chance of taking a hit in return.


A damaged/knocked out engine tells you that you're likely to be able to outrun your enemy and can help you to decide your next move (run away more easily, engage and circle him like a boss or simply get into your next cover before the enemy gets there).

And so on.


It's very situational but it certainly has it's place.

It really depends on how you play/want to play as well but it's still one of the worse options for the commander and usually only added as the 4th-6th skill.

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Thanks for the info.  I guess I won't be selecting that one next {grin}

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