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CROSSHAIR "GoldSpider"

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I present my new crosshair game ...
"GoldSpider" is a very precise version of the crosshair, even in FHD is displayed over the entire width of the screen.
I added scale, but without unnecessary digits denote nothing, and only obstructs views.
Gold horizontal line is the axis point at which we aim, and not, as in many cases - this line is below the axis of sight.
In addition, it has a 4 diagonal lines, they will facilitate the tracking of ships flowing differently from perpendicular to the axis of our ship.
The lines are black, so as not to distract our attention, and when we'll need, are sufficiently prominent ...
The viewfinder are included MARKERS department specially calibrated precisely to "GoldSpider"
As in the previous version of the crosshair, also in this "rangefinder" was adapted and integrated into the whole graphics ..







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I used to use the Crab1 and was skeptical at first, but this blows it out of the water, excellent visibility and ability to track ships at an angle.  Thanks

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