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PArtial IJN Retexture of ARP Kongo Class Ships

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Having unlocked my ARP Kongo so that I could sell my IJN Kongo for the port slot, I found that the glow in the dark ship was too much of an eyesore. So, I decided to do what any self sufficient person would do and went about fixing it myself.



ARP Kongo




These are not 100% retextures because, as you can see, the turrets at tops of the smoke stacks retain their original colors and I have also opted not to reskin the planes on the catapults as I like the little bit of flair there.


I chose to do all the Kongo Class ships, despite only the ARP Kongo being available at the moment. But when the next set of ships are released, these are ready to go.


Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B61psXtA3RSdNzl5Y05PaWJVRkk/view?usp=sharing

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