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ship icons during battle moving around.

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During most of my battles the enemy ship icon above starts to stay at the last known position even though the ship continues to move. This happens with multiple ships at a time and even friendly ships sometimes. Attached are screenshots.






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I am not, but you use different mods than I typically use.  Here are my thoughts though...


First try again with the most recent modpock as of this writing and your logs indicate you were using the most recent at the time of your post (  There is no point for Aslain to troubleshoot the older versions of the installer, but he will look at things with the current version.


Second.. there were some compatibility issues with some combinations of mods that you were using together.  Some of that has been fixed.  So again the new modpack may solve your problems. 


Lastly, if the problem still happens with the current version of the modpack, try unchecking some of the mods and see if you can identify the one causing the problem.  I would start be removing some of the ones in the section called "shares hud_lib.swf".


Someone with more experience than I may have more targeted advice, but that is what I would do.

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