Attention: from 24th July to 10th August I will be in a very weak internet zone. It's unlikely that I'll release any updates in that time, I probably cannot provide any support either. Unless I find a strong signal on some mountain top. / Uwaga: od 24 Sierpnia do 10 lipca będę w strefie gdzie jest zbyt słaby internet żeby wypuszczać aktualizacje paczek. W tym czasie wsparcie z mojej strony będzie ograniczone. Przy odrobinie szczęścia może uda mi się znaleźć mocny sygnał, wtedy jest szansa na coś, ale nie obiecuję.

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new player free invite code,( Diana & Texas!)

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hi,check this link below , you have to make a new account and start to have fun.

at first random battle you get the Diana premium tire2 cruiser and at first battle in a tire 6 ship, you get the great tire 5 Texas premium battleship!

and more rewards its the link:

check it out ,start and have fun :)

p.s. then you get a code to for play with you friends and earn more credits and stuff to.

edit, if you use the code pls add me in the game to chat and help each other, my name is shiplordy ,or let me know here,thank you :)

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