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Some New Ingame Sound Avaidable

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Hello and Welcome dir Players and of course Sir Aslain :devil:,


I am honored or better said I would be, to tell you that I would like to share a new Ingame Sound Mod for the musicbox.


It´s probably the same as the Gundam SEED one from Zero Strike but this time with some Rock, Pop and other Music.


Would be nice to take it into your modpack so that others can enjoy some better Game music instead of these old LALALA music.





The Key :




I hope it works.


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OK.... Sine 9.17. I cannot play the music right anymore and the one who made it for me has not to be seen anymore around.


And I´m totally unable to do the fixes myself because I cannot speak Japanese and the only pages I can find are in these tongue in were it is discribt to fix the problems.


Google translater isn´t helping eather so I have no other option left than to retreat. Maybe someday, someone of Wargaming will set the music finally to MP3. Than I will be back in action. Till than. Ingame music out and frustration full speed ahead.

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