Normally I get 90-120 fps with my new gaming PC (it got the i5-6400 and Geforce 970 GTX) in WoT matches, but the recent modpacks for 9.17 patch is causing my fps to go down from 90-120 fps to 35-50 fps (that's a huge fps drop). I had to uninstall the modpack and my fps went back to the way it was, and I didn't have any issue with the modpacks for 9.16 patch. Only having this issue for 9.17 :\   I'm not sure which mods in modpack is causing low fps in my matches.   And this is with... v9.17 #02, v9.17 #03, v9.17.0.1 #00, v9.17.0.1 #01, v9.17.0.1 #02, and v9.17.0.1 #03. python.log