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Vanilla Sight with extras from Modpack

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Like many others, the problem with crosshairs not working properly, crashing the HUD etc has made me seek out an alternative.  Damocles Sword was always a favorite because it gave me shell flight time to target as well as distance to target.  Yeah...I know...these are not actually necessary in the game, but I liked having them.  So, what I have come up with is the following solution from the modpack.  I use the vanilla sight with Extra Aim Info in a modified version and  Server Crosshair (Fancy Blue) with high contrast and small scale selected.  Extra Aim Info, in its default configuration, includes Aim Time and Scatter info which I really do not need and think that having 4 lines of info is too much.  So I edited the mod to only show flight time and distance.  I also changed the color of the text to better match the colors of the vanilla sight.  Below is the result.  If anyone wishes to do the same and needs help, let me know and I will gladly help.





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1 thing id like to say darth is remove the shadow  from the text ,   u will notice with the shadow the text  can be hard to read on the sand maps .   I also put the text into bold aswell.

I also configed so it positioned is where I want it

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