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Lee Hester

Reticle Help

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Here is a chance for you to show off your WoW reticle knowledge... and help an old geezer do better.

My gunnery is not as good as I'd like.  So, I watched a youtube video on leading that essentially told me to check the time in flight and lead by that number of reticle points for BB's, about 1.5x for CL's and about 2x for DD's (all assuming full speed roughly)  This seemed to be working, somewhat (though it was too early to be certain) and I changed reticles... assuming the calibration was the same and only the style was different.

I wasn't hitting well any more.

So, first gunnery advice is welcome...

Second, what reticles are best??   Specifically, it looks like some don't even maintain the same scale when  you zoom in!!  (e.g. it shows point of aim at 5 reticle marks offset from ship at one level of zoom and shows the same point of aim to be 12 marks away at another zoom level.  That s maddening.

Finally, lead is about things like vector and time in flight.  On a ship of this era, I'd have optical/mechanical devices to gauge speed, range and flight time... while relative target heading was somewhat more by feel, though there were  again mechanical computers.

So, it really seems like there should be a reticle that actually calibrates itself to the time in flight, so you hold lead offset by the number of reticle marks equal to flight time, assuming a relative heading of 90 degrees from line of fire.... with reticles at higher (later) tiers perhaps even adjusting somewhat for relative heading.  The aiming devices of the time did that much....  Do any of the reticles?  Can you forward this idea if none of the reticles do it?

Anyway, thanks for helpful hints.

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There exist this thread on the Asia forum that provides some insight to how aiming works. 

Notice that the method illustrated in this post refers to the exact point of the shell target rather than using a reference point



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notser has a real good video on youtube on how to use dynamic or static sights, dynamic sights do not change the value when you zoom in it is based on a ship traveling at 30kt. a static sight is based on a ship traveling at 20kt. watch notser's video it explains it well  

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