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[] Father Ted Sixth Sense Indicators

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Ever wanted to Fathers Ted, Jack or Dougal telling you you fecked up at hiding and are now lighted up like a christmas tree to the enemy? Well, now you can!

How it looks in action:



The Files


Father Ted:



Father Jack:







Father Dougal:





Father Ted's  "Oh Bollocks.mp3"

Father Jack's "FECK.mp3"

Father Dougal's "Careful Now.mp3"


Downloading the files and Instructions

-First, have xvm. Get it through a modpack, or from here (xvm site).

-Download the .png and .mp3 files of your choice, by saving the images and clicking on the .mp3 links.

-Get the spotted image of your choice (.png), rename it "SixthSense" and shove it in *WoTDirectory*\res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res

-Get the spotted sound of your choice (.mp3), rename it "sixthSense" and shove that in *WoTDirectory*\res\audioww

-Open WoT, go into settings and the Sound tab. At the bottom there should be a drop down box for sixth sense sounds.

-Select "User created" (or whatever it's called) and click the speaker to test it.


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