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Why The RELIC Community?

  • RELIC is a long standing NA server clan within World of Tanks.  We have built a quality community that has survived and thrived through the good times and bad times that Wargaming has given us.
  • We aim to develop potential, have fun, and excel at the game in both individual combat & in Clan Wars. We also strive to maintain high standards, respect, and competence in all battles that we are engaged in.
  • The RELIC Community values team-play and strongly encourages our members to platoon together, preferably in our TS, in order to co-ordinate and communicate effectively.
  • We, as a community, are interested in quality players over quantity.  You can have the best stats in the game but if you can’t follow calls or strive to bring drama into the clan then we are not the clan for you. We want our tankers to get to know our each other as friends and comrades.

What Relic expects from you:

  • As a member, you will understand the Relic Community rules, attempt to actively participate in (or at least lurk on) our community website, uphold our standards in ability, competence and conduct.
  • You will need to be available for training (some divisions), clan wars, and strongholds on a regular basis (real life allowing).
  • Members should be able to follow commands, perform to their potential, respect teammates and enjoy winning.  Members should also be thick skinned and be willing to take criticism.
  • You will need to install and use Teamspeak 3. TS is a must for Clan Wars and preferred at all other times, you must have TS for all clan events, even if you can only hear and cannot speak, our TS is also open to the public.

What you can expect from Relic:

  • Access to our forums, Teamspeak server and our community.
  • A group of like minded players to platoon with, grind XP and credits for next tier tanks, share tips/advice on tanks and gameplay, or just sit around on TS chatting about your latest pub battle.
  • Clan War battles and plenty of them. We don’t like to sit around just farming gold.
  • Map exhibitions - Main has won 5 and have been top 3 in every one they have played in and 2nd has done well in these with 2nd finishing in the Semi's in the last few.
  • CTA (clan) tournaments - Main usually finishes 1st or 2nd in Abso's while 2nd has been finishing 1st or 2nd in Champions.
  • Stronghold battles and skirmishes aplenty, with frequent credit bonuses in most divisions.
  • Sound leadership, with proven records and a drama free environment.
  • The chance to become an officer or to call battles as we're always looking for our members to step up.

Requirements to join the Relic Community can be found at this link:


While you may apply to a specific division, there is a chance you will be accepted into a different division. This is based upon what we feel you would be better suited for at the time of your application. Relic Gaming is a tiered community where we aim to train people for clan wars in Aux and then move them up through 2nd, and onward into Main.  We aim to have our most active and capable players in Relic Main. 



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