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[]ContourIcons by Boehser__Onkel

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This Icons was made with the Tank Icon Maker http://roman.st/TankIconMaker


The Class and the Name (Golden for Prem Red for Special) are on the left side

On the right side max Damage (must be not the Top gun)

The Star says that the Tank can have a drum gun

lower right there is the Tier Number


The Pack includes the atlases files


2017-06-14 Updated on last version


2017-08-03 Update with Pudel but no polish Flag

2017-08-05 Pudel now with polish Flag (thx to Ghostman101278 for the Flag)

2017-08-16 Update to

2017-08-30 Update to 0.9.20

2017-08-30 Hotfix for new Version (Chinese TD)

2017-10-30 Update on

2017-11-08 Micropatch update

2017-12-13 Update for 9.21.0

2017-12-22 Update for

















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I tried to point the program to my game folder at C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\ and "Error loading game data ...".


Thread: Main

Exception: System.FormatException
Message: Input string was not in a correct format.
  at TankIconMaker.MainWindow.ReloadData(Boolean first) in MainWindow.xaml.cs:line 396


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