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edward beijdorff

SNIPER mode for ARTY

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HI and greathings.

A few years ago at the Aslain modpack there was a mod where you could go in sniper aming with a ARTY!! So if you where spotted from close by tank you could go in sniper mode(just like a tank) to aim at the the enemy tank close to your arty. It was pretty good and you had a better chance to defend your arty against close by tanks. The MOD got removed think there was a problem with the maker of the of the MOD. BUT i know now from friends there= AGAIN a snipper mode for ARTY at some other modpacks then Aslain. My question = it possibel for Aslain modpack to bring BACK this option (sniper mode) for ARTY's back in the Aslain Modpack.???  It really would help with close combat for arty's at the gameplay!!


with best regards Edward beijdorff/ Dutchy

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I am fairly sure that a mod like that is now considered illegal.

Artillery aren't supposed to have a "sniper" mode.


Could be wrong though... it's just my two cents on the subject. :)

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yeh I used to use this mod was really good , but I think it has been made illegal as quaksen says aren't suppose to have sniper mode

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