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Is there a "New Recruit" thread?

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Hello everyone!  


I am new here, and new to the Mod.  Just about to go install it.  


I just wanted to take a second and say hello and introduce myself.   I am a 38 year old, with two kids and a girlfriend. I live in New York State, USA.  I have been playing World of Tanks since about 2011 and i STILL suck at it.    I was a previous user of OMC Mod Pack, and have gone with no mods at all since it closed u shop.  I had it on good word from a few friends that this was even better and more user friendly so I figured I would give it a shot.  


Currently my favorite tank lines are probably the German and American heavies and <gulp>  ... Arty...   sorry.   LoL 


Anyways,  what a great looking page you all have here. Very inviting and very user friendly from what I can see.  


Have a good one everyone, and hope to see you around!! 





(I looked around, and could not find a "New Members" or "New Recruits" thread.   If I am posting this incorrectly, Please, by all means either delete or reposition it.)  ((Thanks in Advance)). 



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Welcome to the forum and hope you'll enjoy your stay.


Should you find any issues, you probably already know the section you need to visit (which is also linked in my signature) - keep in mind we just had patch day, so some things might still be wonky. :D

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