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  2. dodanie moda

    Jak mod zostanie naprawiony, stara wersja dla 9.21.x przestała działać poprawnie a autor moda nie logował się do gry od 3 miesięcy.
  3. dodanie moda

    błagam cię ASLAIN dodaj pionowe drzewko badań bo oszaleję,tak się przyzwyczaiłem do pionowego drzewka że nie mogę inaczej!!!
  4. Today
  5. explosion sound disable

    ship exploding shocks you ??? lol I'd say if it really shocks you, then its perfect.
  6. Visual Camo Net mod

    Passed this to mod author, he said he found some bug and will fix it in next update.
  7. I reassigned it yesterday, but didn't have time to play the game. I will report after at least 50-ish games played with the new setting. Hopefully you are right.
  8. same here... I didn't even know such an assigned key exists. Well use or not issue happens. You may forget to come back here to tell your problem gone =)
  9. Visual Camo Net mod

    Can see net in your replay but checked a few of mine and none show put nets on different vehicles to test but all the same no message that it's fitted like in your replay just net off. I dont thing the mod is seeing it 20180219_2132_usa-A41_M18_Hellcat_35_steppes.wotreplay
  10. Visual Camo Net mod

    Does it work in replays? 15189038454307_germany_G121_Grille_15_L63_fishing_bay.wotreplay
  11. Visual Camo Net mod

    My German tree Rhm-B WT & Grille 15 From mod author site for German tree Germany Branch LT: Ru. 251 Branch PT: E-25 Steyr B WT Rhm. Scorpion G Rhm.-B WT WT auf Pz. IV Grille 15 SAR branch: Grille Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip HAve just tried Hellcat with same result no visible net
  12. Johny_Bafak's Vertical Techtree

    its ok I guess and I will use it but Johny_Bafak is much better thx
  13. Visual Camo Net mod

    I can check your mod setup but need to see your logs first. Give me the tank names on which you don't see that camo net effect.
  14. camo mod and equipment mod

    What do you mean by "it will remember right until you use it in something else then it forgets.". ShuraBB (author) told me that there are problems with Auto Camo, it works well with ordinary camo, but not with the presets. As of Auto Equip, he said it works fine - which I can confirm, since I'm using it personaly without any problems. He said that in case of problems you need to describe problem as much detailed as you can, giving exact examples, what you do it, on what tank, and with what equipement/camo and what you received in result, then attach logs (python.log). He will check it.
  15. Ktos to juz mi gdzies pisal, ale jakos nie zakodowalem w glowie. Dzieki za przypomnienie.
  16. HP Panel BADoBEST v1

    This particular problem has started to occur just recenly, in 7.0.0. I was talking with Haka since he has more experience in modding panels, and he told me what I told you before. Maybe it will be fixed by authors of that Panels in future who knows. Real authors are Badobest and Roslich. Haka is only making changes using their mods as a base.
  17. Johny_Bafak's Vertical Techtree

    The compact horizontal techtree in the modpack is nice enough, prevents the scrolling at least
  18. Johny_Bafak's Vertical Techtree

    is there another tree like Johny_ Bafak that could replace it?
  19. Visual Camo Net mod

    I have checked the list and have several supported vehicles with camo net fitted but still cannot see any nets on any vehicles during games still only( camo net off ) at beginning of battle count down Wondering if the mod even workes !
  20. Add clan icon

    Please add [H2O] Water is Better clan logo on NA server. Thank you for your mods! ~EvAce_BM
  21. A couple of small issues

    K, thanks for your prompt attention!!
  22. Yesterday
  23. Gdy wybierzemy obie modyfikacje jednocześnie, AutoAimExtended się nie uruchamia. Spowodowane jest to tym, że nazwa pliku wykonywalnego obu modów jest ta sama, czyli "mod_autoaim_indicator.pyc" w katalogu "\World_Of_Tanks\res_mods\\scripts\client\gui\mods\", zaś AAE swój plik ma w katalogu "mods" i w pliku "wotmod" - czyli uruchamiany jest w drugiej kolejności. ROZWIĄZANIE: Ponieważ łatwiej modyfikować nazwy w katalogu niż w pliku "wotmod", to wystarczy zmienić nazwę AAI+ z "mod_autoaim_indicator.pyc" na inną, np. ""mod_autoaim_indicator_2.pyc", i wszystko chodzi prawidłowo.
  24. the "remember equipment mod" isnt working right, moving around binos and camo net and such. it will remember right until you use it in something else then it forgets. the remember camo mod works, except for all "preset camos" are reset every time you click away from that tank. (this happens on christmas camos, and for credit camos)
  25. HP Panel BADoBEST v1

    Didnt have an issue with Badobest v1 panels before. Only thing was that the icons were mirrored, but not glitching with placements. using Options on the gear doesn't help. Fixes the issue for 3 sec...
  26. Problem z instalatorem

    Troche zgaduje bo powodow moze byc multum, nie sposob je wszystkie zgadnac, bo zawsze jest winny komputer na ktorym sie to instaluje i jego rozna konfiguracja i kazdego. Musisz pokombinowac.
  27. A couple of small issues

    I cannot reproduce your problem with missing WinChance. Noticed one error that this mod cannot load stats, so it might be related to internet connection is blocked for this mod. That would explain it. 2018-02-18 13:08:30.816: INFO: [team_wn8_reting] Error stats loading The other problem was my mistake, I fixed it, re-install the modpack and check option to clean up DLC folder.
  28. Problem z instalatorem

    tak odpalam z prawami autorskimi , a tego pliku wcale nie ma w tym katalogu wiec nie wiem jak go usunąć
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