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  2. Bug in ExtraAimInfo

    Funny, I just updated to Aslains newest release this morning, selected the "Aiming and Shell Fly Time" only and still see the full info displayed. Happened with the most recent version. Is there something I am not doing correctly?
  3. It doesn't happen every game but it's happening more then not and it is there from the very start of the game. if I try to aim up even a little bit the aiming circle will point what looks to be straight down or point blank. When I try to zoom in it goes totally crazy flipping out all over my screen sometimes, or just disappears all together only leaving me with the hud to aim with and guess when I'm fully aimed apparently I'm getting random crashes as well. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. Today
  5. Put #10 on computer. Got error msg "file could not be renamed" . No mods installed. Did an uninstall of mod pack and tried again, no luck. Uninstalled again and tried to install #9a, no luck. I tried to go into res_mods folder and delete, rename and move, no luck. This has locked WOT folder from any recourse. No mods. added 5 minutes later File path= Res_mods > configs > xvm > Aslains > patch.exe
  6. v01 - Too much stuff not working

    No need to update modpack now since the new update hits very soon.
  7. Yesterday
  8. More visible torpedos in water mod

    One thread should be fine. Merged.
  9. More visible torpedos in water mod

    Are there plans on putting more visible torpedos in water mod back in or a new one created? This mod really helped me out a lot and I surely do miss it. Thanks,
  10. More visible torpedos in water mod

    I really miss this mod as well. I hope it gets updated and put back or a new one is created. Thanks,
  11. Bug in ExtraAimInfo

    This was fixed a long time ago
  12. v01 - Too much stuff not working

    I think something with the Battle GUI has been changed, v00 worked. So something changed.
  13. Bug in ExtraAimInfo

    Hello Aslain, welcome back, I hope you have the issue resolved! I have a small matter with the Extra Aim Info: I am using the "Aiming and Shell Fly Time" selection, yet the full info displays? Again welcome back! SiberianKhatru
  14. v01 - Too much stuff not working

    Will look at it tomorrow. Torpedo markers are part of battle gui that was updated today. Maybe I messed up something related to torpedo markers.
  15. Now the Torpedo v3 looks really funny, and not normal. Damage indicator still doesn't work, Monstromarkers still doesn't work. I have reinstalled the ENTIRE game, haven't used the preferences.xml (created new). And still have so many MODs not working, using the same MODs as I have before. So this messed up everything for me as for working MODs. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  16. Aslain to Hospital

    We've managed to muddle along so far without any updates. We will stagger onward, until you are healthy enough to come back. NOTHING is more important than your health and well-being. Get better soon!
  17. Aslain to Hospital

    Hope all is well and your recovery went as smooth and painless as possible
  18. Aslain to Hospital

    Welcome back Aslain
  19. Show symbol for friends in player panels

    So there is. It's kinda recently added, since XVM 6.8.0 (WoT 9.19.1) Where would you like it added? Could you take screenshots of the places you'd like it to show, and I'll see what I can do for now, until Aslain possibly adds it as a sub-option in the installer? It can be on: Player Panels Statisticsform (TAB screen) Minimap Vehicle Markers
  20. Życzę zdrowia ASLAIN

    zdrowia!!! - oby nie bylo konieczne dalsze leczenie... Mam nadzieje i zycze tego - zeby to juz byl koniec twoich klopotow zdrowotnych.
  21. v9.20 #10 (19-09-2017): - akt. Battle Observer 1.09.4 - akt. Usuwacz mgły + daleki plan - akt. Logi rotacji mapek - akt. ikonek konturów: Nikodemsky - akt. Zmiana języka gry na polski - akt. Licznik WN8 w bitwie - akt. skryptów PYmodsCore używanych w kilku modach od Polyacov_Yury - dodano Rozszerzone informacje by Nikodemsky - dodano dźwięki dział i silników: The Second World War. Day after day [Guderian1979] (czytaj opis moda w modpacku) - info: Wróciłem ze szpitala, ale powrót do 100% zdrowia może zająć około 3 miesiące. W tym czasie będę starał się aktualizować paczke w miare możliwości i samopoczucia danego dnia. Ponadto w przyszłym tygodniu dowiem się też czy czeka mnie dalsze leczenie czy też jest to już koniec. Dziękuję wszystkim za wsparcie!
  22. v9.20 #10 (19-09-2017): - updated Battle Observer 1.09.4 - updated No Fog + Max Far Plane - updated Map-Rotation Log - updated contour icons: Nikodemsky - updated Change client messages to Polish language - updated InBattle WN8 Calculator - updated PYmodsCore scripts used in few mods from Polyacov_Yury - added Advanced tips for skills [PL] - added gun & hit sounds: The Second World War. Day after day [by Guderian1979_ ] (read mod description in the modpack) - info: I've returned from hospital, surgery was successful, but now I need to recover to 100% hp. It will take some time (~ 3 months). I will try to maintain the updates when I can. Next week I will receive info from my docs if I need some extra treatment since cancer is a b*tch you know... Thank you for kind words guys and gals!
  23. Aslain to Hospital

    I probably wouldn't play WOT without your modpack, but who cares, your health is more important than the modpack or the game. Just get well...
  24. Show symbol for friends in player panels

    I know there is a {{friend}} macro function in XVM, I just don't have a clue how to use it.
  25. Aslain to Hospital

    In the military there is a saying HURRY UP AND WAIT, now please hurry up and get better, but wait till your health is good enough, befor you start worrying about the Mods, The modpacks come second, your health first, All the best friend
  26. Aslain to Hospital

    Good news that you're out of the hospital and wishing you a speedy recovery. Take it easy Aslain, baby steps at first. Don't overdo it. Again good to have you back.
  27. v.6.10.1 #01 (19-09-2017): - akt. ikonek konturów: Aslain, Hakabase - akt. flagi od MajorRenegade - akt. modów tekstowych - akt. Boczne panele od AutoSpy - akt. Unikalne kamuflaże dla wszystkich okrętów - akt. Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Theme Pack - akt. Wybór elementów ekranu bitwy (hud_lib) - akt. mxstat
  28. v.6.10.1 #01 (19-09-2017): - updated contour icons: Aslain, Hakabase - updated flag mods by MajorRenegade - updated text mods - updated Side Panels by AutoSpy - updated Unique camo for all ships - updated Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Theme Pack - updated Battle GUI customization (hud_lib mods) - updated mxstat
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