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  2. A mod can not be created to have certain tanks tag for random battles and then certain tanks for assault, encounter or grand battles as you have no clue what type of battle you are going to be put in to when you are able to play all types of random battles. The server decides what random battle mode you will get when you hit the battle button.
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  4. Horrible FPS with the last 2 pack updates

    Yeah looks pretty bad. Could you remove two expoint mods and try without them? Extra Aim Info and Info Panel Extended.
  5. Downloading issue

    thx a lot
  6. v9.20.1.3 #06 (24-11-2017): - dodano nową opcję XVM: Ukryj ikonkę odznaki rankingu [na ekranie ładowania bitwy i okna statów] - dodano muzykę z anime - dodano kółko celownika: Domyślne z wyraźniejszym skupieniem arty - akt. konfigu Extra Aim Info - akt. Awfultanker ServerMarker - akt. Kobieca załoga #1 (od Wargamingu) - akt. Kobieca załoga #2 (celebrytki) - akt. załoga Minionki - akt. Kobieca załoga anime v1 - akt. Kobieca załoga anime v2 - usunięto Skórki ligi Wargaming.net [za dużo z nim problemów]
  7. v9.20.1.3 #06 (24-11-2017): - added new XVM option: Remove rank badge icon [on battle loading and stats window] - added anime music - added Crosshair aim circle: Default with more visible arty circle - updated Extra Aim Info config - updated Awfultanker ServerMarker - updated Female Crew Mod #1 (from Wargaming) - updated Female Crew Mod #2 (celebrities) - updated Minion crew - updated Anime Tank Crews v1 - updated Anime Tank Crews v2 - removed Wargaming.net League Skins [issues]
  8. wows ARP skin not glowing

    mod pack #08 fixed it, thanks aslain
  9. Downloading issue

  10. Downloading issue

    hello the link for Aslain's XVM ONLY v9.20.1.3 #01 is not good! when we click we have this: "http://aslain.harmless.hu/Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v." this is the modpack and not juste XVM only and I prefer juste XVM can you correct this problem please? thx a lot
  11. Reposition Integrated (XFT) hit/damage logs

    Awesome...Thanks Aslain
  12. These were working yesterday then stopped later on before clan wars. Uninstalled today (was running 6.13.1_06), DL and installed _08, same thing. Everything works I have installed except "Info Panel (self)" and "Detailed Damage Indicator." From this picture you can see it shows "info panel (enemy)" and gives total damage. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  13. wows ARP skin not glowing

    i saw it now after download mod pack #08, the ARP mod size is 1.2 GB before was 900Mb. i'm downloading it atm...
  14. wows ARP skin not glowing

    oh should have download mod pack installer #8 (?) sorry i'm not that understand, i thought all content updates are automatically showed up on everyone mod pack installer (?)
  15. wows ARP skin not glowing

    where i can find the new mod pack? u just uploaded new mod pack? cuz i didnt see something new on my mod pack installer
  16. Yesterday
  17. Bug with Wargaming wglna skins

    Yeah I will remove this mod, again...
  18. After using and testing about 12 times the issue seems to be with the "wargaming.net League skins" which stops the user from entering battle. For now I have removed the option but it also seems to keep the game client running after it is closed and requires the task manager to end. The skins are great the one time I was able to see them within a proving grounds match and I would love to see this problem fixed thanks! Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  19. Wargaming.net League Skins

    I really love these skins however when I enable them in the modpack it seems it disrupts my client and does not allow me to enter the battle, though I shouldn't have tried to go into battle atleast 12 times testing if this was indeed the problem because my credits have felt the hit.
  20. Mav's Clan Message Center

    I agree with you on that issue however I addressed this to WG in regard to this clan message board they have on their web site to be included as feature within the game it self however I won't hold my breath on this. I downloaded the zip file and will check into this more in depth. Not sure how one interact with others and games setting for the notification center.
  21. Ingame Gunmark

    On the screenshot is a new Mod that shows u the realtime Gunmark at this Tank - its new included in the Promod. Maybe u can put it also in your mod ? MfG HoleeFAK
  22. Gun sounds

    Thank you, if you have time please help me to find that mod or make one if you're...happy :3 Love you <3
  23. Are you using windows insider preview? Maybe update it, it's not bug in the installer but problem in the insider preview.
  24. Nothing wrong here, it's intalling correct mod. I'm still using previous mod name for the file name...
  25. Gun sounds

    It's removed because it has stopped to work due to WG changes. The Author is not updating this mod anymore it seems, maybe he has no time...
  26. Yeah there is a way, via editing the configs I will look at it later.
  27. wows ARP skin not glowing

    I told you to keep tuned up, try new modpack and stick to one topic.
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