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  1. ah thanks. i guess there is no alternative?
  2. i took this from a youtube clip of one of WoWs most famous players. the mod im looking for displays an icon for fires/flooding next to the ship name, both on allies and enemies. is it part of aslains mods? if not , anyone know where to find it? help be much appreciated, thanks
  3. i can confirm this. if you install the region change,the game somehow access still the old game version, with missing french bbs and the missouri still available for 750.000 free xp. personally i was quite happy about the glitch, thinking i still can get my missouri before it gets fixed. but dont get your hopes up, it wont let you buy it
  4. is there a modpack version for the public test server, which is always one version ahead of the normal server? cheers
  5. thank you, and thank you for such a great modpack. it a lot of fun to use
  6. nvm, fixed it myself. but i do have another question regarding the install. if you decide to change/swap mods in this pack, do you have to run the installer again and do it all over again?
  7. hiya, did something change in the last update regarding steam and installation as steam user? before i was able to install the modpack in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\World of Warships\bin\306569 after the game updated,the mods are gone and installing them again there with the updated installer shows no effect
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