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  1. watax

    Splinter camo does not work

    Thanks you a lot! ill be waiting
  2. watax

    Splinter camo does not work

    I was cleaned the dl folder, and reinstall the game. Nothing works... i had the game installed in D:/games/ and your mod in the same folder.
  3. watax

    Splinter camo does not work

    I was tried before, and nothing, please can u check the logs? i was turned off the antivirus but nothing happens, only the defaults skins. please help! i know you are very busy, i apreciated your quick answer.
  4. Hi, After doing the normal instalation of aslain mod, the camuflaje mod(splinter) does not showing in the game, i can see the defaults skins but nothing more. I was trying everything, manual replacement of folder, relaunch the instaler, unistall aslain and WOWs... and nothing. (i can launch the game in safe and normal mode with no problem) With another skinmod i had no problems (Crooks), but i really want the historical-camo mod (splinter) please help. Ps. Sorry for my english, im not native tongue. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
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