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[] Acme Tank Icons

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These contour and 3D icons are tuned to the info I want to see at a glance:
class, tier, nationality, name, and reminder about potential auto-loaders.

Perhaps you'll find them useful too. Ready for


Sample (contour friend and opponent, 3D):



The tank types are color-coded:
LT: Green
MT: Olive
HT: Red
TD: Blue
SPG: Purple


Tier and national symbol are shown on each icon.
    The Chinese symbol is replaced by a yellow star for better contrast.


For premium tanks the Tier number is colored gold (yellow)
For special tanks the Tier number is colored red


Tanks with an auto-loader at some level have a black asterisk
Tanks with an auto-loader as the top gun also have a blue asterisk


3D icons are used in the tech tree and in the post-battle screens.
Contour icons are used at the pre-battle screen and the in-battle screen.
    BattleAtlas and vehicleMarkerAtlas are contour with tank names
    BattleAtlasEnemy and vehicleMarkerAtlasEnemy face left (Aslain uses)


Samples and download .zip are available at the new WG/WoT approved mod site, WGMods.net


gl hf,




minimum sample.jpg

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