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Did you freak out? 0277.gif.b89f19b004e17e3d9b4760402a780b8e.gif0286.gif.74caba2a2ef30e8489b38377f324d1ea.gif0287.gif.d0913feec65d765752ebcb7a47e282d2.gif0289.gif.ab0bf52c4e23d14dcf6b0cda21bf5704.gif


I am writing this not to report a bug, but to show what those aggressive anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware, you name it, apps protect you from when you are trying to download a modpack from Aslain. Don't get me wrong, these apps are legit, even though they are prone to false positives (because they want to err on the safe side), and there are some really evil people out there trying to get nasty things inside your PC and do harm, but Aslain's monetizing partner is not one of them. To prove, I clicked on WoWS modpack  download link #3 and this is what happened, my PC did not like the website:




But I wanted to see all them Trojans, and get my PC infected by all of them, so I added swiftviz.net to my exclusion list:




When I clicked on  download link #3 again, it turned out that the website does not love back my PC either:




After disabling AdBlock on this site (the steps above need to be done only once), I finally got to the much dreaded ADVERTISEMENTS! And, to my dismay, I did find something that might be construed as misleading: the prompt in the little pop-up box in the top left corner that says "Press Allow to continue". It should read "Allow or Deny swiftviz.net to send you notifications". You do not have to click 'Allow' to continue. Only if you want to get notifications from swiftviz. You don't have to click on 'Deny' either. The little pop-up box does have a title that says 'swiftviz.net Notification', therefore 'continue', 'Allow' and 'Deny' all pertain to that. But it's easy to miss and it's like that on purpose for sure. So ignore that box and just wait for the 5 second timer to run down and click on 'SKIP AD' in the top right corner when it pops up.




That will bring up the download box:




and the website, as a parting shot, pops up another frame with another advertisement:




So, this is it. Two webpages with ads. One of them forcing you to stay on it for 5 seconds. Annoying? For sure. But harmful? This way Aslain gets some money for his work. If you loath it, or if you are still worried and absolutely won't put up with it, you can download the modpack direct and support him through Patreon.


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