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5 most troubling problems for War Thunder

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By lungmie 20:57:00 Games Online, news

War Thunder, which is an online game about the tactical war In particular, Online Games have a problem for us to meet always. Cropped, not just the nerves that are seen almost every day


1. They like the show, power, fight, don't blame the team.
Almost every online game usually has a show, not just MOBA and World of Tanks. You will have to find these, which is very annoying. Think that you are good Claiming that no one can kill me, don't help Finally, he and she had to be hit by the players in the opposite direction. In summary, I came to blame the team of the same players themselves. Pushing to curse your team If the show is played funny, this will not matter anything.


2. Attack the victim, do not look after friends
This is a major problem. For many players, often having to meet the crowd, do not see friends, do not care about the cough in front of it. Anyone who plays realistic realistic shooting games, shooting the same dead, often in the free mode, War Thunder. When starting the game when seeing a large victim like B25-J B17 bomber or A20-G30, when the Bomber plane is seen, it must fly into the crowd. Shoot up to 5 fires. Just use 2 attack planes. Shooting a victim of a single shot without being interested in being hit by a friend is not enough. Even the poorer attack aircraft still shoot. Come back to the original loops, shoot each other, die, lose points for free.


3. Not short of reason, because by taking the victim
Many players will play better and have a lot of expertise. No matter how good the plane is, it will never be missed. Never miss a shot. How long will someone have to be annoyed by you and will be irritated by this cough again? Why did I play for a long time? Can't shoot. Dance from there. It turned out to shoot people instead of blaming the target for the goal. (This is wrong, just come to shoot. Help) and will see the damn when we get it shot. You stupid You NOOB curse you. When you choose to play a new dance, it will follow. But for a long time to meet players like this, but it doesn't matter when the players shoot the same side. Other players will come to help him immediately because it will damage the game. Need to manage


4. There is no central team.
The reason why every player will meet often is as long as there is no team. The point is that I am sad and sad at the time of being bad. You ask for help from other players, but there is no way if you find a team that doesn't care about being a central team. Asking for help to not die What you will hear about refusing to ask for help Not typing in sharing. I'm busy chasing the victim. Having found this, prepare to be able to pray, pray, and lose for anyone who plays the Bomber. Especially in Asia


5. Fly, do not watch the way to the other side
Article 5 is no different from item 2. Notice many different maps in War Thunder. Things that are frequently found are not different from shooting, not watching friends, plus colliding in the air and also annoying. There are many reasons such as flying, chasing enemies, but The enemy is wise to fly in close and then fly left white, especially those that are flexible. Let the speed of those who chase down And then collide with one another or accidentally bump into other players and don't panic when turning back At frequent collisions, where both sides are fiercely fighting in the middle of the MAP, a lot of aircrafts can cause a collision.

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