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i'm still having the same exact issues since 1.8 update or smth like in this topic(except the no.2 perhaps):
1902 bugs topic

i just ran the repair again and it had to download the same 4MB of repair files again, but when should i create the logs then to sort all of this stuff out?

theres also another issue remaining:
7) when i press the Ctrl key while zoomed in, then the dpi of the mouse goes to 400 or smth and the crosshair moves like a snail (it doesnt even matter if i ping something on the minimap or not)
and the only way to get rid of it is to press the Shift key 2 times to get out of the zoom and then get back into it... which screws up atleast 4-5 shots every game...

(i probably have the 1921.#1 pack installed, but i'm going to install the #13 pack soon)

8) the Spotted messenger had an issue through many updates where i edited all of the spotted messages and removed the tick from "platoon chat only", but it still wouldnt post any messages into the general chat or would actually post the default message, instead of the message that i just edited it into...

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1) the minimap randomly stops working completely (usually in a grand battle) and then i cant even use the + and - zoom buttons in a regular game after that.

and when the map stops working(usually in the very first grand battle actually) it also gives a "defeat" sound after 1-2 minutes every time (the sound that usually appears when the game was lost at the end) - this has been going on since the very first 1.10 update or maybe even earlier


2) most of these are also issues still(there is not even any white circle and i can only see a yellow one):

logs attached (created right after 2nd grand battle where the map probably worked, but did not zoom at all during the last regular battle)


i even did a repair again before installing the #13 update and it downloaded somekind of 4mb of files again and "repaired" it...

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3+) it always messes up the view order of other players after my own tank has been shot - aka when i want to view/speactate other players in my team 1 mouse click sometimes makes 2-3 clicks or smth and sometimes none at all or smth and its a bit annoying to shuffle through all of the names if i dont even know how many clicks it makes....
this only happens when a modpack is active, so it's definitely and issue with the modpack itself - and this has been going on for a year atleast already...

(i just didnt notice it before because i had the modpack installed most of the times)

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1) i dont have any time to create a topic or logs, but the new 1.12 pack does not even count alive tanks properly - it always shows +1 tank for some team in totally random order and when the last one is also destroyed, it still shows that 1 tank is alive lol (in the top team HP bar)

2) it does not show the colorful team scores for Ranked Battles most of the times and only like once in 15-20 battles or smth... so i cant even tell what position gives you chevrons and what position loses a chevron etc... just because it doesnt show the overall score table with colorful arrows etc....


3) "1st line tank name" and "2nd line player name" still shows the 2 things totally in reverse order from my actual selection...

4) the outer red line was probably missing in the last 15b pack....


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6) when a tank is destroyed, it now somehow gives the same exact sound for both teams(like a radio going static), but it was like a different sound for the enemy team before, so why has this changed suddenly... now it basically sounds like you are going to lose every battle, because all of the tanks 'lose the radio signal' now...

7) there was probably 1 more thing, but i can't even remember it atm...

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8) the new segmented/type tank bar at the top never even showed up after the update, even while placing the new settings in game and outside game, so what is wrong with that all the time... in another pc i even downloaded the whole 50gb of files again, just to get all files in fresh, but even that have the same exact top hp bar issues, even after doing the check/repair... (the bar dissapears after every micropatch too, when there is no modpack seen by the game...)

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some points are simple to explain
XVM will "overwrite" some ingame features, if you want the new segment that the battle score panel gets divided do not install XVM team hp bars/colored.

so you will have to figure out what you want from the game itself and the XVM features.
i can advice to reduce some things, test in a replay if you like it or not, then you can always make changes later on, adding things.

hope this helps out for some of your points

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