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[] GolKosh Tank Contours Icons...


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Have a link? ;)


I need to make it a mod first... It will be there soon (I promise). I have to know what to put in and what the code is...


What I have to figure out is the place to put them (I know that now: ../res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\contouricons\regular)

Then I need to make the code so it would look like in the image attached (I am currently looking at other mods (how they do it (and learn from that))) and also in mirror for the other side of the screen (that's the hard part)


If that is done, then I zip it and make it downloadable


Or is this all to difficult thinking and just make a zip of the png files? 

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37 minutes ago, Aslain said:

You may don't want to disable icon mirroring for these icons.


A quick tut on where to look for?


battle.xc I guess


"battle": {
    // false - Disable tank icon mirroring (good for alternative icons).
    // false - отключить зеркалирования иконок танков (полезно для альтернативных иконок).
    "mirroredVehicleIcons": false,


I guess turning false into true is correct?



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1 hour ago, GolKosh said: update of the Tank Contour Icons... Also new webdesign!


We have 9.17.1 now, do you have icons updated to it? :)


edit: nevermind, I see you have 9.17.1 folder there, so you probably talking about it, I will update your topic to latest version, remember about it :)

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Hiya GolKosh -- wanted to check with you because I was thinking of doing my own contour pack and clearly you have learned a lot doing your own. What is the difference between putting the contours in the XVM folder (mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\contouricons\regular) versus the atlas (version\gui\flash\atlases) and how would you recommend I start? Any tips on challenges you ran into other than the mirroring in this thread?


Thank you in advance!



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Sry for late answer. Had work and no time for pleasure.




Look at the post (scroll down a bit) of FartsInTanksEU





1. download CCAtlas.rar http://www.koreanran...um/topic/32455-

2. make a copy of battleatlas.png and battleatlas.xml from \res\packages\gui.pkg\gui\flash\atlases\

3. run CCAtlas from rar file

4. click Обзор in that program

5. go to \res_mods\0.9.X\gui\flash\atlases and after that chose Разрезать in CCAtlas

6. you have now new folder in res_mods\0.9.X\gui\flash\atlases "battleAtlas"

7. copy your contour icons in that folder

8. in CCAtlas chose another Обзор

9. go to "battleAtlas" folder

10. chose Создать

11. you can quit CCAtlas

12. you have another new folder \res_mods\0.9.X\gui\flash\atlases\battleAtlas\Atlas

13. chose those 2 files and copy them

14. paste those 2 files in \res_mods\0.9.X\gui\flash\atlases

15. delete folder battleAtlas" from \res_mods\0.9.X\gui\flash\atlases, enjoy


Same procedure for the vehicle markers, just select the vehicleMarkerAtlas.png instead of battleAtlas.png


Here are the instructions for CCAtlas translated:

The program allows you to cut the Atlas into separate files, and connect the separate files in the Atlas.

   For cutting Atlas is necessary to:
1) On the panel "Разделить""Split" press the button "Обзор..."/"Browse ...";
2) In the dialog box select the atlas image file (xml file must be located in the same folder);
3) Then press the "Разрезать"/"Cut" button.
   Then, in the directory with the atlas, it will create a directory called Atlas, which will be received files.

   To create an atlas of the individual files, you must:
1) On the panel "Соединить"/"Connect" click "Обзор...""Browse ...";
2) In the dialog box select the directory with the images;
3) Then click the "Создать"/"Create" button.
   Thereafter, in the selected directory will be created with a folder name "Atlas", which will be satin and files.
Name atlas created files is the same as that of the selected directory.


It says it all on how to work with CCAtlas


At point 2 it says to make a copy of 2 files, this is correct, but it doesn't say where to put it. On point 5 is the directory where to put them ;)


This of course when your icons are ready.


I make mine in photoshop. Extract the icons from the gui.pkg (as you know). I made a spreadsheet of all the file names. I put those in the "light tanks", "medium tanks", etc. so I know what file needs to be in the lights, meds, heavy, td or spg directory (this is needed for a photoshop action) (hope it makes sense).


When all files are ready, I make all the directories necessary and run CCAtlas......

When done... I make the zip file for you and alter all the directories by hand!! In were the files are needed (for me the only way to do it, don't know another way)


The way I do it works for me, but could use some smart thinking about how this directory thing could be easier...


The other program that makes icons, is not the one that works for me. I don't like the icons that makes it and I don't know how to use that program, when I have my own icons.....


I hope this answers some of your questions...

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