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    Haifuri login intro

    Hello, The links are dead... :(
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  5. hello, the game crashes a part of two which implies death by drowning or suck 1 part out of two
  6. How often? First make sure you have installed the modpack as administrator, and playing the game as admin as well. There were errors from Personal Missions Helper mod (ЛБЗ), Final Shot (Last hits)[последний шот], but it doesn't mean that these mods failed, it could be something else that caused them to throw some errors.
  7. WOT crashes on some maps.Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. Yes they will be updated soon ;). They still work but the Super Helcat is displayed as a heavy tank.
  9. He probably posted it in wrong section, so I moved it to WoT.
  10. Last week
  11. TopBite


    things can be so easy if you know how.... thx mate
  12. There's a calender showing in your garage too that you can click on it.
  13. XVM working normally today. Must have gone down temporarily.
  14. Mine stopped working after day 2. I did the video option folder deletion as wot tech reply to a previous ticket writer (who posted it). Got the calendar back but noticed that XVM stopped working. Downloaded the latest Aslain version just in case that was the issue. Mod seems to be working but XVM still inactive and shows inactive on sidebar (score panel). Left for the day. Today no advent calendar again. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip Found out how to access advent calendar if it does not pop up on it's own. Go to the store, on opening page there will be a box on upper left saying "special offers" Click on that and advent calendar opens.
  15. v.8.10.0 #12 (04-12-2019): - akt. ikonek konturów: Aslain - akt. ikonki klanów [RU] - dodano Unikalny kamuflaż Plus (by TheKingOfUm)
  16. v.8.10.0 #12 (04-12-2019): - updated contour icons: Aslain - updated clan icons [RU] - added Unique Camouflage Plus (by TheKingOfUm)
  17. Trzeba sledzic dzienniki zmian :) v1.6.1.4 #04 (27-11-2019): - naprawiono opcjonalny tier po prawej stronie Aslainowego OTM'a - akt. XVM [8.1.9_2] dla dzisiejszego micropatcha - akt. Skórki zniszczonych pojazdów - akt. statystyki sesji YasenKrasen - akt. Paski życia by CHAMPi - akt. Bloker pingowania od CHAMPi - akt. Zmiana języka klienta gry - akt. Swiatła ostrzegawcze - akt. Bardziej widoczne koordynaty minimapki - akt. celownika Oreshkin - akt. ikonek: Aslain, Wizard, Witblitz, Qualan, J1mbo, Kryspin_CZ, Grandorf, XSerzHX, corehorn, Contrabass, Darker, Ashbane, Webium, Mirukii - akt. Ikonki na karuzeli czołgów (Aslain) - akt. Ikonki na Drzewku Badań (Aslain) - akt. Czołgi premium w złotym kolorze i HDR (Aslain) - akt. mod do usuwania lustrzanego odbicia ikonek bez XVM
  18. Nie znalazłem żadnej informacji, iż ten problem został już rozwiązany. Niemniej Dziękuję.
  19. Czy problem został już rozwiązany? Można już korzystać z paczki MODÓW z sekcji XVM?
  20. Quaksen


    The feature that lets you draw on the minimap? It's an XVM feature, when you have XMQP enabled on the XVM website. Yes, it's legal. Everything in the modpack is.
  21. TopBite


    Hi there, what is mod called for painting lines with an arrow on minimap to show team directions etc ? And is it legal ?
  22. Any update coming up? They are currently outdated.
  23. Zobacz na podpis mojego posta i zalacz wymagane logi. Dobrze by bylo tez zalaczyc obrazek jak to bylo kiedys a jak teraz.
  24. Pliki graficzne wgrały się do katalogu ...\World_of_Tanks_EU\mods\ Niestety czołgi dalej mają standardowy widok z gry.
  25. Thank you... for using them.... And for the message about it.
  26. Guys, I'm working on the new installer, there is no ETA on that project, probably sometime next year?, the new installer will be using that website https://crowdin.com/project/aslain-localization (it's for WoT) to translate. For now it's still under developement, but if you can, please visit this link and review your translations already now. The other method of translation is still in use, as main one, that link is only for testing purposes for now. ps. there are also messages that begins with des_ and desc_ please don't touch them for now. I'm not sure if they will be used at all, yet are currently included on the site.
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