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  1. WhoWatWr

    Loading screen bug

    I have had this issue for some time now. I can't figure out what it causing the issue. My solution is to close down wows, and restart the game. I'm able to re-join the game 100% of the time. At least so far. Usually I just miss the start of the match by a second or two.
  2. WhoWatWr

    Download link #1

    The url in Download link #1 is messed up. http://%20http//rtor.nyx.feralhosting.com/files/Warships/Aslains_WoWs_Modpack_Installer_v.6.6.0_03.exe. I took this out %20http// and was able to download.
  3. WhoWatWr

    Dasha Perova Voiceover not working

    I'm on the NA, and it works for me.
  4. WhoWatWr

    Training room enabler.

    According to the WOWS twitch stream, the training room that could be enabled through your config file was broken last WOWS patch. Glad to hear Aslain has a fix.
  5. WhoWatWr

    Can not purchase ports in game...

    This has happened to me on and off since I have been using Aslain's pack. I have been using the mod for a long time. Some updates you can buy a slot and sometimes it's not there to buy one.
  6. Not if there is a sale on slots and you missed the email, but see it on your game screen.
  7. WhoWatWr

    Cyclone Icon

    Hey Aslain you fix this last pack ty. You weren't unable to untick Mods sharing hud lib. Now you can. All is good at least for me with the cyclone.
  8. WhoWatWr

    Display and Game crash

    The upside down thing I fixed by unticking Zeiss until mod author fixes it. The load fail I have no clue.
  9. WhoWatWr

    Cyclone Icon

    This is what we are exactly talking about here... http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/7036-bug-with-battle-gui-cusomization-file/
  10. WhoWatWr

    Bug with Battle GUI cusomization file

    I have the same thing happen. When installing and in the game.
  11. WhoWatWr

    DLC Content is corrupted<FIXED>

    I'm having some problems as well. I can't download no manga and Scryptar skins. I think my problem has to do with this link and maybe so does your problem. http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/6951-mod-installer-not-installing-large-mods/
  12. WhoWatWr

    how to used this option ?

    Yes, I use hakabase.
  13. WhoWatWr

    how to used this option ?

    I'm not able to click it in my game. I am able to click the mini map gear, but not the player panel one.
  14. WhoWatWr

    not able to play ???

    @Reikameister Thx
  15. WhoWatWr

    not able to play ???

    WoWs Region Changer. Unticking that fixed my DNS problems. I first uninstalled Aslain's. Then reinstalled and went down the list until I found one I thought would mess with IP's and DNS's. I never used it. I think you can play in different regions with it.

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